In Japan, there is three years of English education in a junior high school.
Furthermore, although there will be at a high school, and there will be education for
two years at a university three years if a school of higher grade is entered,
as for English, Japanese is weak including me.
It is good for a meaning to lead well.

We are Micro Power Laboratory( Tokyo Japan )!

Micro power Laboratory Corporate guidance

The inquiry has been limited to e-mail.

If there is a question -- unreserved -- pleasing .

The home address doesn't correspond to the mail which isn't mentioned basically.

It cannot reply to an inquiry at all from Brazil.
It doesn't reply to the mail that the name and the where to make
contact do not describe clearly.

Cautions: Only in the case of a concrete question, answer a letter.
     The question of only a model number cannot be answered
It doesn't reply when neither the name, the company name nor the titles except the
content of the question are written.

About us:
Our company makes a mail order a subject, and sells microwave parts and longwave`s bar antenna etc..
The main customer is a company related to the government office,
research laboratories, and the educational institution and the
communication, and a amateur radio, etc.

The main business lines : Various RF and Microwave parts Sell & Buy
Various Measuring Instruments Sell & Buy

Service foundation: December, 1984

Shop address: Micro Power Laboratory in Akihabara
        Tokyo Radio Depart 1F 1-10-11 Sotokanda
        Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo 101-0021 JAPAN
        Phone / Fax +81-3-3255-8018
The inquiry has been limited to e-mail.

Over-the-counter sales are omitted.

Price information:
All prices are the U.S. Dollars or Japanies Yen..
Since the credit card is not carried, we need your help on Bank remittance.
We accept via Paypal.
Our Paypal´s ID is

Shipping information:
Packing,Shipping cost,etc. are not contained.
It can ship by EMS,FEDEX,UPS.

Orders / Technical Information - E Mail only!

It is the business of only a mail order.
You may also reach us via E mail to receive technical information.
E mail is picked up frequently including most evenings and weekends.

Bank Information:
Bank Name:Mizuho Bank  Bank code:0001
Swift code:MHCBJPJT
Branch:Nakano-Kitaguchi( No.243 )
Name:Micro Power Laboratory

Address: 1-9-5 Arai Nakano-Ku
     Tokyo165-0026 Japan
     Phone +81-3-3386-1101

WANTED of crystal resonator
It looks for the quartz resonator that entered the glass tube.
1000Hz or less hopes for 440Hz and 880Hz.
The manufacturer that is manufacturing it now wants to learn.
Please let us know your infromations to